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Open Cell Foam Specs
(Foam specification comes from foam manufacture) 
Luxury (Lux) Foam
Premium HD36 Foam
HD23 Foam
Standard Poly Foam
Color: Light Blue White/ Neutral White/ Neutral White/ Neutral
Life span (normal use) 12-18 yrs 12-18 yrs 12-18 yrs 3-5 yrs
ILD (LBS/ 44-54 31-37 19-27 32-38
Density (LBS/Cubic Ft.) 2.60-2.80 2.60-2.80 2.30 1.10-1.30
25% IFD (Pounds) 45-55 32-38 N/A 33-39
Support Factor
(65%/ 25% Min.)
1.90 1.90 N/A 1.90
Tensile (pis) Min. 12.0 12.0 12.0 14.0
Elongation (%) Min. 200 150 120% 200
Tear (PPI) Min. 1.20 1.20 1.2 1.50
Resiliency (%) Min. 45 45 N/A 40
Flammability California 117
Note: All Testing Is Done By The ASTM D 3574 Standard
Rev. 1, 12-3-02


Standard Foam: This is a medium density type of foam. It is intended for camping, guest beds, fold out beds, upholstering, pet beds, packaging, arts & crafts, medical foam support, etc.
Premium Foam: This foam grade is medium high density foam. If you are looking for support, comfort, and durability then this foam is for you. This kind of foam is rubber based which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. It will maintain its original shape and density for many years. This is our most popular foam for seat cushion replacements and is highly recommended.
HD23: This foam has a medium to soft feel depending on the body weight of the sleeper. It offers a high degree of comfort and will retain its shape and density . This foam grade is high density rubber foam. This kind of foam is rubber based which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. If you are looking for comfort and durability then this foam is for you.
Luxury Foam : This foam grade is firm high density foam. If you are looking for support and durability, then this foam is for you. This kind of foam is rubber based which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. It will maintain its original shape and density for many years. This Foam grade has a firm feel offering a high degree of support while retaining its shape and density.


Latex Mattress
This will provide extra cushioning, luxurious comfort, and additional pressure-point relief to hips and shoulders.  It will conform to your body providing greater back support.
Latex Mattresses dynamically conform to your body with a firmer feel than memory foam to support different areas of the body. The zoning in latex makes this possible.
* Conforms to your body and helps eliminate tossing and turning.
* Relieves pressure points since the foam molds and cradles evenly throughout your body allowing you to find your most comfortable position.
* Latex Mattresses are made of 100% natural materials. Latex is made from a rubber tree. When the bark of the tree is cut, a milky liquid exudes and is subsequently whipped and baked.
* Latex foam mattresses are hypoallergenic because of their natural resistance, making it hard for bugs to create a habitat in which to survive.
* Never needs to be rotated or turned over because this type of foam will not sag like most innersprings.
* Latex Foam mattresses are specially designed for Adjustable Power Beds.  
* The difference between Regular and Talalay Latex Mattresses is Talalay Latex is processed differently and therefore Talalay has a better softness at low ILD.
100% Latex Foam Specs:
80% Synthetic / 20% Natural Blend
Quilting Rolls: 20ILD
Tri Zone Cores 32 - 35.5 - 32 ILD
Density (LBS/Cubic Ft.): 4.5 LB
Life (every day normal use): 10-12 years
Not Fire Retardant

Neither natural or synthetic is best used alone, but when blended together the best qualities of both come out.

When someone says, "100% latex foam" it means there's no filler, but both synthetic and natural can be used. 

20% Natural Rubber Latex

Sap of rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis)         
Monomer: Isoprene

* Thailand
* Malaysia
* Vietnam
* Indonesia
* Cameroun

80% Synthetic Rubber Latex

2 monomers
* Styrene
* Butadiene
(Both derivates of petroleum)

Petrochemical industry


Open Cell Foam Specs: Visco Polyurethane Foam
(Foam specification comes from foam manufacturer)

This unique Memory Topper is an extremely strong high-density 100% visco-elastic foam which molds to every curve of your body for a soft supportive pad. This foam is temperature sensitive. It's like no other sleep product you've ever felt before.

Most people complain that their mattresses are too firm or too soft. Our toppers make every waterbed, futon, pullout sofa, air-bed, guest bed, or any other mattress just right. Some customers even use toppers right on the floor as a last minute guest bed!  Memory foam will increase circulation, contour perfectly and mold to your body, reducing pressure points to give you the restful sleep you need.    

3.3 LB Memory Foam
Bed Pillows
5.3 LB Memory Foam
Mattress Toppers
Color: Sky Blue Natural
ILD (LBS/ 7-13 10-16
Density (LBS/Cubic Ft.) 3.3LB 5.3LB
25% IFD (Pounds) N/A N/A
Support Factor
(65%/ 25% Min.)
Tensile (pis) Min. 7.0 (lbs/in.) 7.0 (lbs/in.)
Elongation (%) Min. 180% 180%
Tear (PPI) Min. 1.0 (lbs/in.) 1.0 (lbs/in.)
Resiliency (%) Min. 0% 0%
Flammability C.A.L. TB117




Cover Options With A Zipper:

1. White Knit Terry Velour Cloth
25% Polyester & 75% Cotton/machine    
wash cold/tumble dry low/remove promptly

2. Beige Knit Terry Velour Cloth*
    25% Polyester & 75% Cotton/machine    
wash cold/tumble dry low/remove promptly
*also comes in Navy Blue

3. Ivory Lining
70% Polyester & 30% Cotton/washable

4. Woven Pin Stripe
100% Polyester (Spot clean only/
not washable or Dry Cleanable)

5. White Lining
70% Polyester & 30% Cotton - washable

6. Black, Gray, white, & Blue Vinyl
 PVC Skin Expanded/Polyester Rayon
California Bulletin 117, Section E
UFAC Class I

Round Bed Mattress

Vinyl Wood Platform Frame-

Round Wood Platform is 7” thick, which is made out of wood and covered in any vinyl or Leatherette color fabric of your choice! Please look below for all the colors that we offer. OR you are more then welcome to send 3 yards of fabric to us and have us upholster that fabric on for you.

Irvin Alan
Colors above may differ to actual foam colors due to differences in your monitor's (screen's) setup. Contact us for more color options.

Morocco Onyx

Morocco Vineyard
Morocco Saddle
Casa Blanca
White Sand

Allante Wine
Allante White
Carrara Black
Carrara Charcoal
Carrara Parchment
Carrara Tan
Carrara Steel Blue
Allante Lt Neutral
PC Ltd.
Alle White
PC Ltd.
Morocco Atlantic
Carrara Antelope
Allante Teak

Round Mattress Wood Leg Styles

The unfinished Wooden Legs OR Metal Legs are 5” thick and will be spray-painted to the color of your fabric or vinyl platform. OR you have a choice to stain the legs to any color and style of your choice. 
Wood Leg 1
Wood Leg 2
Wood Leg 3
Metal Leg 1
Metal Leg 2

Round Bed Accessories

Successfully combine a unique style to re-create the room! Add style, glamour and one of a kind style in your room. You will have many complements form your family and friends for your unique taste!
Platform Size 60" Round 72" Round 84" Round
Price to Add Lights! $ 125.00 $ 145.00 $ 165.00

Rotate your Bed!
Round bed with electrically operated motor system to rotate the bed. Have the freedom to rotate while you sleep!

Any Size Bed! $1,500.00

Frequently Ask Questions:

How strong is the platform frame?

We take pride in building platforms. The platform frame is very strong and sturdy. The construction of the round bed is the top and bottom of the bed are made out of ½” thick CDX plywood that is 5 ply which is glued and screwed to center section of the bed.

5 ply plywood is 5 grains of wood, each going a different direction for strength and durability. The center section of the bed is made out of 2 x 6 x 1-1/2” limber like builders used in building homes for walls. This wood is also glued and screwed together for strength just like the rest of the bed.

Then 1” thick foam is applied to the side of the plywood platform before the fabric is put on. Last the legs are attached with wood dowel screws that screws thru the ½” thick plywood and into the center section of the bed.

How is this Round Bed Mattress ship?
A high quality carrier will ship and deliver right to your door! You also have the option for the carrier to deliver to the bedroom.

Foam Mattress- This mattress will be shipped in one-piece vacuum packed. Please open and allow the foam to expand to ordinal shape for 1 hour.
Round Wood Platform- The platform will be ship in 2 pieces, equality cut in half. The purpose of this is so that you can easily get the Platform frame thru the door. Please take a look at the picture to see the platform set.

Custom Orders Are Avaliable. Please Contact Us For More Details.