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Basement Pole Bumpers

Description Circle Charcoal Firm Foam:
Description Square Charcoal Firm Foam:
Vinyl Cover with Velcro:

When selecting the size make sure the “HOLE” dimension listed measures the size of your pole.

Protect Your Child And Decorate Your Metal Or Wooden Poles With Foam Tubes! Our Foam Easily Wraps Around Poles, The Foam Tube Has One Slit along The Side Of The Foam, Just Open and Push Over Pole. Square and Round Poles available in any size! Waterproof Poles Used for Outdoor are available in any size. Please contact us for more details. To decorate your house poles, we provide colored vinyl (Red, Blue, White, Black, and Gray) with Velcro on both sides to fasten around the foam bumper for $75.00
* Waterproof Poles Used for Outdoor OR Oversize Poles for Basket Ball OR Tennis Court is also available. Please email us back with size for price quote.