King Wedge Support - High Quality Foam

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This Mattress Foam Bed Wedge is used for sleeping to relieve poor circulation and pain. The slope will gently raise your body to an elevated position to reduce stress and pressure points in sensitive areas. This wedge will reduce snoring, heartburn and frequent acid reflux. With this mattress elevator wedge you can sleep in any position on your mattress without slipping off.

    Foam Wedge Mattress size is 76" Wide x 36" Long and the available Thicknesses are 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12". 

    Custom Mattress Wedge Support are available! Call us today to place your special order!

    Covers are optional. Please click on our cover options on the top menu bar for more details. 

    Made of High Quality 2.8 lbs density Premium Medium High Density Polyurethane foam with removable zippered cover. Foam wedge can be put on top of any existing surface or in-between your mattress and box spring.