Oval Donut Seat Cushion

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Hole size is 4'' Hole Diameter Hole

If you are sitting for an extended period of time and or suffering from coccyx pain, tailbone pain, hemorrhoids or sciatica this donut seat cushion is right for you.

This seat pillow will reduce the pain and give you the sitting comfort support you are looking for because it will contour your legs and give you a healthy blood flow in your legs.

There are 3 different types of foam to choose from.
* Latex foam is our firmest support but with the circle air holes it gives the best support you need.
* HD23 is a medium density and feels more like your couch cushions.
* Memory foam is the softest but will mold and crate to your body shape without sinking all the way to the bottom.

There are also 3 different shapes to choose from:
* Rectangle shape is most common for wheel chair and office chairs
* Oval shape is recommended for plane seats, yoga and office chairs
* Car donut is best for cars, suv, vans and trucks