Twin Wedge Support - Standard Foam

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Provides gentle support when necessary to elevate the upper body, or to use as a trunk stabilizer for side-lying positions. Designed for patients with problems breathing, poor circulation, hiatus hernia, back or neck problems.

We offer 2 different types Polyurethane foam slant with or without removable zippered cover.

  • Foam Wedge Covers comes with an elastic loops.
  • Can be used two ways:
    1. Use Pin Hooks to attach the wedge to the area you desire.
    2. Use ropes to tie the wedge round the bed for a better stay in place support

Custom Mattress Wedge Support are available! To special place the order please call or email us.

Made of Polyurethane foam with removable zippered cover. Foam wedge can be put on top of any existing surface.